House 429

The students of the Master’s in Conservation and Regeneration (MRC) Program at CEPT University had the opportunity to learn on-site 3D laser scanning by helping to capture house 429 in the World Heritage City of Ahmedabad, India.

This was part of the workshop on 3D laser scanning technology for surveying heritage buildings, part of the project ‘Surveying heritage buildings in Ahmedabad, India: Empowering local action and skills for heritage conservation’, supported by NTU QR funds. Many thanks to Jinagya Awas Trust for giving us permission and access for scanning this building.

Building: House 429

Location: Indrakot neighbourhood in Zaveri Wad, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Date of capture: 27th of March 2021.

Scanning on-site: Mrudula Mane (tutor); Anushka Mital, Kanchi Chaudhari, Neha Chandel, Satyajeet Chavan, Anagha L., Bhanumati V., Sneha Anand; and the Teaching Assistants Juhi Bafna and Zeus Pithawala (students).

Number of scans: 11

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ahmedabad_429_section_2_zoom_b.-devilat.png
Section. Source: Bernadette Devilat, 2021, using 11 3D scans captured by Mrudula Mane and workshop participants.

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