The final session of the 3D laser scanning training project is organised on Monday, 26th July 2021. Synthesis of the data capture process at the village of Bela will be presented and discussed in the session. The project team will reflect upon the context of community interaction, the field experience of data capture, and resultant visuals from the data collected. Bela is the case study for the parallel project and is the place where these two research projects intertwine.

This workshop summarised the 3D laser scanning done in Ahmedabad, explored and visualise the data obtained. Please go to Buildings to see some images. This workshop served as an introduction for the 3D laser scanning of Bela, in the context of the project.

This workshop done in March 2021 on 3D laser scanning technology for students of the Master’s in Conservation and Regeneration (MRC) Program at CEPT University was a success. It was a blended approach of online sessions and on-site data capture following COVID-19 preventive measures.

The workshop was the first step towards capacity building for recording, surveying and protecting built heritage in India.

The workshop took place in the historic city of Ahmedabad. Two residential structures in the custody of Jinagya Awas Trust were scanned during the workshop. In the past, the MCR students have explored manual documentation techniques in this neighbourhood as part of a studio exercise. More information here:

Data capture of the facades and peripheral areas of the house in Indrakot neighbourhood in Zaveri Wad, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India (Source: Zeus Pithawala 2021)

Views of the structure documented on day one of the workshop (House 361). Source: Mrudula Mane 2021.

Views of the structure documented on day two of the workshop (House 429). Source: Mrudula Mane 2021.